Amy Dov's love of materials and her artistic sensibilities began in early childhood amongst the redwoods of Northern California. She has spent years reflecting and observing nature and her ever evolving visions of this world have grown into her art and ceramic work.

"Amy has found deep meaning in the organic nature of clay and its many possibilities of showing the beauty of imperfection and chance occurrences in the artists hand.  Through simple manipulation of the clay with her hands and tools, a body of work has emerged that captures the special nature of ceramics and the magic that occurs when fire and clay merge to become one.

In her new line of hanging wall sculptures and vessels, Dry Lagoon, Amy has created a world of hanging and modeled reflections of nature and time.  Bones, rocks, branches, rust, sand and reeds reveal in the minds eye and serve as inspiration for the sculptures and vases.  The glazes, oxides and woven clay bodies that wash over the work mimics the colors and transformations of the natural world." JD  

Amy holds her BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz in Studio Art, studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Art and is a Master Printer from Tamarind Institute in New Mexico.  She lives, creates and works in Los Angeles.